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With the EZ-Steer System, you can safely and easily steer your auxiliary outboard engine from your boat's main wheel... even if one is raised or tilted. It lets you pilot your "kicker" with an unrestricted view of what's ahead. You'll no longer have to hang over the transom to steer your auxiliary through stormy weather, and you won't be in the way of the fishing action, either!

Designed for auxiliary engines up to 25 horsepower, we have a kit to fit every outboard and outdrive engine, even if you have a swim platform. We also fit most sailboats!

The EZ-Steer system has a patented, self-adjusting stainless steel rod that attaches between your boat's main and auxiliary engines. The system makes your auxiliary engine mimic the movements of your main engine, so you can steer your auxiliary from the main wheel.

There is no need to disconnect the rod, it will self-adjust and steer the auxiliary engine as long as you can steer your main engine... even if one is raised or tilted.

For safety and convenience, EZ-Steer really works!

Customer Feedback

"Wendell helped me with the correct brackets for my 2014 Merc motors. They worked perfectly, thank you so much for your help. This system rocks. I troll and when I hook up your bracket it moves my boat exactly when and where I need to go. In winds it's a must have. Great product, four stars. Very easy to install as well."

Mike in NV