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Washington State, circa 1978. 

The creation of the blackmouth salmon fishery of Puget Sound caused a huge increase in the popularity in sport fishing in the region. As more anglers took to the water in pursuit of the salmon, local manufacturers were right there to offer gear designed to make catching fish easier and more fun.

EZ-Steer was founded by C. L. Queen in Camano Island, Washington.  He designed the system around an ingenious telescoping rod, allowing anglers to control their kicker motor from the helm by turning the boat’s main steering wheel.  An added benefit was the fact that the rod could be left in place all the time, no matter what position either motor was in. 

The popularity of EZ-Steer has continued to grow through the decades, with thousands of kits being installed on boats throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as in the Great Lakes region.  Trollers of the world agree—whether pursuing salmon, trout, or walleyes, the EZ-Steer is the easiest and most economical way to provide safe and effective steering of an auxiliary motor.

We are proud to carry on the tradition from our facility in Minnesota, adding new kits to keep up with changes in marine motors. 

We also offer systems for sailboats, allowing captains to tie an auxiliary motor to their rudder, allowing easy and safe maneuvering in harbors.


  • Increases safety and convenience

  • Works equally well with inboard and outboard motors

  • Lets you steer your auxiliary engine from your boat's main wheel

  • No more steering while hanging over the transom with a restricted view

  • The patented self-adjusting, stainless steel rod attaches between your 
       boat's main and auxiliary engines

  • There is no need to disconnect the unit to make a main power run

  • It's the only self-adjusting auxiliary steering rod

  • Perfect for hassle-free trolling and boating.

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